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As a member of the College Board, your organization is part of a unique educational community of over 6,000 diverse institutions. Together, we are clearing a path for every student to own their future.

Eligibility Requirements

College Board member organizations pay annual dues of $400, adhere to the College Board policy of nondiscrimination, and meet the following requirements, specific to organization type.

High schools, colleges, and universities must be accredited and use one or more College Board programs.

Districts and higher education systems must include an institution that meets membership eligibility criteria, support College Board program use, and encourage schools in their district or system to become members.

Government agencies and nonprofit organizations must hold 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status or the international equivalent, have been in operation for two or more years, have a mission that aligns with the College Board mission, and have the endorsement of a College Board staff member or member organization professional.

Application Timeline

Applications are accepted and reviewed all year. New members are officially elected each fall at the College Board Forum.

Once an application is received and provisionally approved, your organization will become a pending member. This allows you and your staff to benefit from member pricing ahead of our next membership election.

Member Dues

An annual fee of $400 guarantees benefits for all professionals at a member organization. New members aren't billed until November, after their formal election at the Forum.