Apply for Membership

Discover if your organization is eligible and apply today to receive the full benefits of membership. An annual fee of $400 guarantees benefits for all professionals at your organization.

(Contact Membership at [email protected].)

Apply for Membership


  1. Find out if your organization is eligible.

    • High schools and colleges must be accredited and use one or more College Board programs.
    • Districts and higher education systems must include an eligible institution, support use of College Board programs, and encourage their institutions to become members.
    • Government agencies and nonprofit organizations must hold 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status or the international equivalent, have been in operation for two or more years, have a mission that aligns with the College Board mission, and have the endorsement of a College Board staff member or member organization professional.
  2. Gather the information you’ll need.

    We’ll ask you for these details about your organization:

    • Name, title, and contact information of the chief executive officer and a designated membership account manager
    • Accrediting agency, if applicable
    • College Board programs and services used
    • Year founded
    • Student enrollment, if applicable
    • Student body demographics, if applicable
  3. Accept the terms of membership, including the College Board Bylaws

    The bylaws discuss governance and member responsibilities, including a nondiscrimination policy and a commitment to support equitable access to education.

  4. Submit your application.

    All professionals at your organization will qualify for member discounts as soon as we provisionally approve your application. No payment is due until after your organization is elected to full membership.