Member Savings

All professionals at member institutions receive preferred pricing on College Board offerings. (Savings vary based on timing and type of registration/purchase.)

Conferences Savings
Conferences Member Savings (per unit)
College Board Forum $100
AP Annual Conference $50- $130
A Dream Deferred™ $75
Prepárate™ $75
Native American Student Advocacy Institute $75
ACCUPLACER National Conference $50
Higher Ed Colloquium $50


Workshop Savings
Workshops Member Savings (per unit)
AP Workshops (public) $40- $75
AP Workshops (private) $500- $2,600
SAT Workshops (private) $650
Institute on Financial Aid $50- $100


Program and Publication Savings
Programs and Publications Member Savings (per unit)
AP Mentoring $89- 179
ACCUPLACER $0.15 per unit
Publications $2- $20


How much does membership cost?

An annual fee of $400 guarantees benefits for all professionals at your organization.

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